What kind of toys do exotic birds need to stay mentally stimulated?

What kind of toys and enrichment do exotic birds need to stay mentally stimulated?


For your exotic bird to be happy and mentally stimulated, it is important that you provide them with toys and enrichment. Toys include things like puzzle feeders and perches, pecking blocks and tubes, fans, toys with bells ( some birds like turtles), and bird hides for the cage. While these are just a few examples of what I recommend, there are many more to choose from – both from companies that make these items as well as pet stores.

Exotic birds should be kept mentally stimulated to keep them happy. If they’re not mentally stimulated, they may become bored and develop behavior problems because they can’t find anything to occupy their time. They need toys that are jazzy, flashy, and colorful so that their minds are constantly stimulated.

Foraging toys

Foraging toys are good for a variety of reasons. They help keep your bird’s beak and talons strong, and they promote a feeling of security by keeping them busy. Foraging toys also help with your bird’s digestion, because they give them something to chew on or tear apart.

The best way to find a good foraging toy is to look around the house for things that could be used as toys. If you have a lot of small items, like paper clips or coins, those might work well for your bird. But if you have larger items, like books or magazines, those will probably work better. Just make sure there’s nothing too dangerous that could hurt your bird if he gets into it.

Surprise toys

A surprise toy is a toy that makes noise or has moved. They can be used to encourage your bird to explore and interact with the toys. Some examples of surprise toys include:

Balls – You can use balls in many different ways to help your bird do what they want to do. For example, you can put a ball in your bird’s cage and let them play with it however they choose. Balls are also great for playing fetch with your bird and encouraging them to fly around their cage.

Crinkle paper – Crinkle paper is another type of surprise toy that can be used to encourage a variety of behaviors from exploration and interaction to exercise and flight training. It’s also an excellent tool for teaching your bird how to chew on something (which is important for birds who aren’t quite ready for a full-fledged cage).

Noisy toys

Noisy toys are a great way to keep your exotic birds entertained. The best type of toy is one that makes noise when it’s hit or moved around in some way. You can get these toys by visiting a pet store or online. Some popular options include balls, tubes, and rattles. Each type has its own pros and cons, so make sure to read up on them first before buying a certain type of toy.

If you want your bird to stay mentally stimulated for longer periods of time, then the best option is to get a ball that does not make noise but instead moves around when thrown or bounced on the ground. If you want an even quieter toy, then look into getting one without any moving parts at all.


Rope toys are a fun way to keep your bird engaged and give him something to play with. There are many kinds of rope toys available, from simple ropes that you can buy at the pet store to rope toys that you make yourself. You can buy rope toys in different lengths and widths, but it is best if you choose one that is about 18 inches long and as wide as your bird’s beak.

You can also use woven cotton yarn or braided hair or similar material to make your own toy. If you have a large parrot, you may want to make the toy larger so that he has room to maneuver around it. Keep in mind that if your parrot is small enough (less than two pounds), he probably won’t be able to chew through the rope easily.


It is important to keep your parrot physically and mentally stimulated, as well as provide them with the right toys. You can include foraging toys like natural wood branches, or nuts and dried fruit in a mesh bag so they have to search for the food. Noisy toys like bells and plastic keys are guaranteed to intrigue your pet. There are many rope toy options that make a parrot work for their food better than a hanging disk.

As you can see, there are many kinds of toys and enrichment that you can use to encourage your exotic bird and help them stay mentally stimulated. No matter which toy you choose to stop boredom, the most important thing is that you find what works best for you and your bird and enjoy spending time together!

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