Galway v Mayo – Preview, Team News, Stats and Tickets

Intense Rivalry Continues: Mayo and Galway Meet for 12th Consecutive Year in Championship

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The great Western rivals, Mayo and Galway, are set to face off for the 12th consecutive year in the championship, marking one of the most competitive rivalries in football. Of the previous 11 meetings, nine took place in the Connacht Championship, with two in the 2019 All-Ireland qualifiers and last year’s All-Ireland preliminary quarter-final. Other than the 2021 Connacht final, which Mayo won by six points, the games since 2016 have all been closely contested, with margins of victory ranging from 1 to 3 points.

Recent Championship Meetings

In the last ten championship meetings, Mayo holds a 6-4 edge over Galway:

– **2023:** Mayo 1-10, Galway 0-12 (All-Ireland preliminary quarter-final)
– **2022:** Galway 1-14, Mayo 0-16 (Connacht quarter-final)
– **2021:** Mayo 2-14, Galway 2-8 (Connacht final)
– **2020:** Mayo 0-14, Galway 0-13 (Connacht final)
– **2019:** Mayo 2-13, Galway 1-13 (Qualifier Round 4)

Connacht Finals Overview

In the last five Connacht final meetings:

– **2021:** Mayo 2-14, Galway 2-8
– **2020:** Mayo 0-14, Galway 0-13
– **2014:** Mayo 3-14, Galway 0-16
– **2009:** Mayo 2-12, Galway 1-14
– **2008:** Galway 2-12, Mayo 1-14

Mayo’s dominance is evident in the recent Connacht finals, winning the last four meetings against Galway in 2021, 2020, 2014, and 2009.

Historical Championship Games

This upcoming match marks the 94th championship game between Mayo and Galway, with Mayo leading with 45 wins, followed closely by Galway’s 42 wins. The two teams have drawn 6 times.

Home Advantage

Interestingly, home advantage hasn’t been significant in this rivalry recently. Galway managed to win championship games against Mayo in Castlebar in 2022, 2018, and 2016, while Mayo secured victories in Pearse Stadium in 2013, 2015, 2020, and 2023. Galway’s last championship win over Mayo in Pearse Stadium was in 2017.

Managerial Experience

Galway’s manager, Padraic Joyce, played 11 championship games against Mayo between 1998 and 2011, winning six and losing five. Mayo’s manager, Kevin McStay, played five championship games against Galway between 1983 and 1990, winning one, drawing one, and losing three.

Galway v Mayo - Preview, Team News, Stats and Tickets
Galway v Mayo – Preview, Team News, Stats and Tickets

Road to the Final

Mayo’s journey to the final includes victories over New York (2-21 to 0-6) and Roscommon (1-15 to 0-13). Meanwhile, Galway reached the final after defeating London (5-21 to 0-9) and Sligo (1-13 to 0-14).

Team News for Galway v Mayo 

We will have team news by 12pm Friday.

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