5 Essential Apps for Apple Vision Pro

Unlock the full potential of your Apple Vision Pro device with these five essential apps designed to enhance your experience. Whether you’re seeking immersive entertainment, productivity tools, or relaxation aids, these apps offer innovative features tailored to the unique capabilities of the Vision Pro. Discover how Juno for YouTube, Spatial Symphony, SynthRiders, Endel, and Navi – Subtitles & Translation can elevate your usage of the Apple Vision Pro.

Juno for YouTube is a dedicated app for Apple Vision Pro users. It offers a refined browsing experience within VisionOS. Created by Christian Selig, known for “Apollo for Reddit.” Juno lets users navigate YouTube with native controls. The video player allows resizing and repositioning. It includes features like dimming the surroundings. Users can adjust playback speed and toggle captions. No YouTube account is required to use Juno. However, YouTube Premium subscribers get extra benefits. The app costs USD 4.99. It ensures native compatibility with Vision OS. Juno supports pinch gestures and maintains aspect ratios.

Features of Juno for YouTube:

  • Juno enhances the YouTube browsing experience on Apple’s latest device, with a visual overhaul for visionOS.
  • Its video player offers native controls, allowing for resizing, repositioning, and even dimming the surroundings.
  • The app detects aspect ratios, ensuring comfortable viewing for various video formats.
  • Users can easily adjust playback speed, toggle captions, and share videos.
  • Juno provides quick access from the visionOS Home Screen.
  • No YouTube account is needed, but it doesn’t bypass ads. YouTube Premium users enjoy added benefits.

Spatial Symphony is an innovative music app designed exclusively for Apple Vision Pro by Hudson Heavy Industries. It immerses users in a spatial realm, merging music and innovation seamlessly. With intuitive hand-controlled synthesis, users conduct audio masterpieces effortlessly. Diverse presets like the ethereal Theremin or the electrifying Lazer enhance creativity. Users can customize waveforms, add depth with adjustable effects, and explore limitless sonic possibilities. Whether seasoned musicians or curious explorers, Spatial Symphony caters to all. It offers 20 built-in presets and additional features through a $6.99 in-app purchase. Download for free to explore six presets and unleash creativity.

Features of Spatial Symphony:

Intuitive Hand-Controlled Music Synthesis:

  • Experience the thrill of conducting audio masterpieces with your hands using Spatial Symphony.
  • Choose from a diverse array of presets like Theremin, Lazer, or Superbass.
  • Easily sculpt your sound by pinching to adjust pitch and volume with intuitive gestures.

Customize Your Sound:

  • Delve deeper into sonic exploration with comprehensive customization options.
  • Select your waveform, from classic sine waves to intricate modulations.
  • Add texture and depth using adjustable reverb, distortion, and chorus effects.

Other Features:

  • 20 built-in presets, including Theremin, Pulsewave, Megablast, and 8-bit.
  • Innovative hand gesture controls for pitch and volume adjustments.
  • Advanced customization with user-controlled waveforms and effects.
  • An immersive experience designed for Apple Vision Pro.
  • Intuitive interface suitable for professionals and hobbyists.

Synth Riders, developed by Kluge Interactive, is a critically acclaimed immersive rhythm game, released for Apple Vision Pro on February 2nd, 2024. Engaging your entire body, the game lets you catch notes, ride rails, and dodge obstacles to the beat of the music. With over 70 songs spanning various genres like synth wave, pop, and EDM, it offers a diverse musical experience. The visuals are perfectly synchronized with the music, creating a mesmerizing retro-futuristic environment. You can choose between full immersion or letting your room become the stage on Apple Vision Pro. Notably, it supports hand tracking, providing full hand-tracking support for the first time. SynthRiders has garnered positive reviews, with GamingTrend rating it 9.5/10 and Push Square giving it a 9/10. It’s available for download via Apple Arcade at no additional cost to subscribers. Additionally, the developers have promised new music and updates throughout 2024.

Features of Synth Riders:

  • Synth Riders’ award-winning gameplay engages your entire body. Catch notes, ride the rails, and dodge obstacles to the beat of the music.
  • Choose from over 70 songs in a wide range of musical styles, including synth-wave, pop, rock, EDM, electro-swing, and more. You’ll have plenty of options to fit your mood!
  • Experience a unique, surreal musical environment, with visuals perfectly synchronized to the beat of each song.
  • Choose between full immersion or letting your room become the stage on Apple Vision Pro—all with the touch of a button!

Endel, a groundbreaking app exclusive to Apple Vision Pro, transforms your space into a serene meditation environment. Developed by Endel Sound GmbH, it utilizes AI to craft personalized soundscapes in real-time, enhancing focus, relaxation, and sleep. Based on circadian rhythms and pentatonic scales, Endel adapts to factors like time, weather, and heart rate to create immersive experiences. With modes for Focus, Relaxation, On-the-Go, and Sleep, the app offers versatility. While it’s free to download, a subscription costs $5.99/month or $49.99/year.

Features of Endel:

Endel harnesses its patented core AI technology, utilizing inputs like location, environment, and heart rate to craft personalized soundscapes on the fly. This unique approach synchronizes your state with your circadian rhythm.

  • Relax mode induces feelings of comfort and safety.
  • Focus mode enhances productivity for extended concentration.
  • Sleep mode lulls you into a deep slumber with gentle sounds.
  • Recovery mode alleviates anxiety.
  • Study mode aids concentration and maintains calmness during work or study sessions.
  • You can use Endel at home, work, or on the go to relax, concentrate, and minimize distractions. All modes are available offline.
  • Endel collaborates with innovative artists like Plastikman, creating original experiences such as Deeper Focus, a techno soundscape crafted with Richie Hawtin.

Navi – Subtitles & Translation is an innovative app designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro. It adds subtitles to conversations, connecting directly to other devices running Navi nearby. This feature benefits individuals who are deaf. Additionally, Navi provides captions and live translation, powered by cutting-edge technology. While Navi on Mac currently receives incoming captions, translation is exclusive to iOS and Apple Vision Pro. The app creates a private workspace in public areas, ideal for tasks like editing digital photos. It also supports multitasking, enhancing productivity on Apple Vision Pro. Overall, Navi exemplifies the advancement of software for spatial computing, providing an immersive experience for users.

Features of Navi – Subtitles & Translation:

  • Navi adds subtitles to conversations, connecting to nearby Navi devices for real-time captions on your screen.
  • Ideal for individuals who are deaf, enhancing communication accessibility in daily life.
  • Translation is exclusive to iOS and Apple Vision Pro.


In conclusion, these five essential apps for Apple Vision Pro offer a diverse range of features to enrich your experience. From immersive entertainment to productivity and accessibility tools, they demonstrate the versatility and innovation of the Vision Pro platform. Explore these apps to unlock new levels of functionality and enjoyment on your device. Stay with InfoGad for more updates.

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