Meet Sanctum AI: The company taking cloud-based LLMs local for better data privacy

Artificial intelligence is bringing high-impact technology to individuals and businesses alike. Harnessing the power of human-like intelligence is boosting productivity and helping people all around the world to do more, all while increasing accuracy. Popular tools like ChatGPT are already taking the world by storm, but many of today’s top AI tools come with one significant concern — privacy. Sanctum AI hopes to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and data security by bringing the full power of top-performing language models to local machines.

Large language models (LLMs) are the AI systems being promoted in the media every day. These massive systems have incredible computing power, allowing them to accomplish tasks and participate in communications with some truly impressive results. However, many of the more popular models are cloud-based, and that poses additional risks for businesses.

If the information in these systems isn’t secure, the people who use them may risk data breaches, and this can spell disaster for businesses. “Data breaches are a top concern for businesses today, and the use of cloud-based systems means that businesses never truly control their data,” says Christian Crowley, co-founder of Sanctum AI. “Our AI application runs full-featured, open-source LLMs locally, which gives businesses the power of top-performing LLMs while keeping information in their hands.”

While every business has a legal obligation to protect the privacy of its customers, some industries have more to lose. According to the Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans believe that the information AI companies collect will be used in ways they don’t support, highlighting the need for better protections. This proves that the risk of reputation loss is high when it comes to AI.

Legal professionals, financial analysts, academic researchers, accountants, medical professionals, government employees, and developers all manage private data that must be protected at all costs. Whether a team is protecting customer information or national security, having confidence in the security of that information is critical. Unfortunately, cloud-based systems simply cannot guarantee this.

Technology is evolving so quickly that many businesses are struggling to stay up-to-date on what is available and how to stay safe with new technologies. Sanctum AI protects businesses by keeping information on their trusted devices, ultimately reducing risk. The local approach also brings the benefits that have elevated desktop applications over cloud-based alternatives for years.

Since Sanctum AI runs locally, businesses receive fast, encrypted responses & can access the app entirely offline. This means that operations can continue, even in the event of an internet outage, and employees can work faster. In a world where downtime can cost millions of dollars, having access to critical tools can keep teams working, even when the unexpected happens.

Open-source LLMs are the ideal choice for businesses because they offer clear and transparent insights into the model architecture and training data, all while gaining the benefits of community collaboration. There is freedom with open-source models that really allow businesses to customize the best technology for their brands. However, using open-source models as-is opens businesses up to significant data risks.

“The cloud is secure, but it is also a prime target, and it can never be secure enough. Companies need to keep their data in-house, and the Sanctum AI application allows them to do that,” says co-founder Tyler Ward of Sanctum AI. The application is designed to bring the full power of cloud-based systems to local business devices. Employees can chat with AI and allow AI to interact with documents, files, and data—but the information never leaves while the system processes what it has been given. When businesses opt for Sanctum AI, they can gain the support they need without having to worry about who is looking at their data or what is being done with it behind the scenes.

Hackers know that these cloud-based systems are being given unparalleled amounts of information from individuals and businesses. This makes them more vulnerable to security risks because there is a lot to gain by targeting them. Businesses always assume more risk when partnering with third-party vendors, and there is simply no way to guarantee that vendors are being honest when it comes to protecting your data. While every business wants to believe third-party providers are acting in good faith, it only takes one mistake to expose an entire company to legal risks and reputation damage. 

With a fully encrypted environment and an intuitive interface, Sanctum AI brings all the best of AI while also granting businesses peace of mind. Regulatory standards can align with AI rather than being the reason key industries can’t gain the benefits of these tools. Secure local AI is the safest way for businesses to bring the power of AI to their workforce while also protecting their customers.

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