The best humidifiers of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

The Dreo 5L Smart humidifier is a powerhouse option. With dual-intake, 360-degree dual mist outlets, and intelligent humidity control, customize your mist experience without compromise. The large, 5L tank ensures less time between refills, and with 42 hours of continuous operation, the Dreo really is something you can “set and forget.” 

It features smart capabilities, including app and voice control for easy access and schedule making. And don’t worry about resetting it, either. The modular design and top fill structure allow for easy refills, and a desalination cartridge helps remove up to 7 types of minerals from your vapor. 

Also: The Dreo smart humidifier is nearly a perfect option

To top it off, the Dreo comes with a built-in night light, digital display, and aroma diffuser for an even more spa-like experience at home. 

ZDNET contributor, Jack Wallen, called the Dreo one of the very best humidifiers in his review. “The Dreo 5L is, by far, the best single-room humidifier I’ve ever used. It’s an elegant solution that should serve you well when the ambient moisture has your lips cracked, your throat dry, and your skin itching.” 

Verified Best Buy customers rated the Dreo humidifier a 4.2/5 stars and enjoyed its sleek design, smart functions, large water tank, and quiet operation, though some customers experienced App connection issues. 

Dreo 5L features: Water Tank Capacity: 5L | Square Footage/Room Size: 250 sq ft | Smart Capabilities: Yes | Aroma Diffuser: Yes | Operation Mode: Ultrasonic

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