2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule Released; Printable, By Team and By Week

2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule

The 2024 NFL Bye week schedule is released. As part of the overall schedule release, we know when each of the 32 teams has the week off. This is where the team has no matchup during the week and is useful for fans to know for a variety of reasons. We have the list of bye weeks by team and schedule week for you to use below. 

What is a NFL Bye Week? 

NFL bye weeks are a week in the regular season schedule that a team does not play a game. Once set, these weeks are set. Most teams use this to help injured players recover and to get ready for the remainder of the regular season schedule. All teams get one bye week during the season. The number of teams off on any given week can vary a decent bit. The week off changes from season to season as well to ensure perceived fairness of the time off is shared across the league. 

Why is Knowing the Bye Week Helpful for Fans? 

So, from my experience, there are two main reasons fans like to have the bye weeks list handy. The first is just planning out when you are going to buy a ticket to see your favorite team (or watch on TV/Stream). The other one is for fantasy football. Especially for your draft planning. The last thing you want to do is pick a roster full of players that are all off the same week.

Then, you’re basically giving away a fantasy game. As teams’ position for the NFL Playoffs and a Super Bowl run, they may rest players the week leading into a bye too if their playoff positioning is clear and they want to make a strong run coming out of the bye. 

2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule (By Week)

Here is the 2024 NFL Bye week schedule by week of the NFL season. 

Week Teams on Bye
5 Detroit, LA Chargers, Philadelphia, Tennessee
6 Kansas City, LA Rams, Miami, Minnesota
7 Chicago, Dallas
9 Pittsburgh, San Francisco
10 Cleveland, Green Bay, Las Vegas, Seattle
11 Arizona, Carolina, NY Giants, Tampa Bay
12 Atlanta, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, NY Jets, New Orleans
14 Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, New England, Washington
2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule (By Week)

2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule (By Team)

We also have the 2024 NFL Bye week schedule by team for you below as well. If you would like to check out your team’s schedule, we have the NFL schedules up as well. 

Team Bye Week
Arizona Cardinals 11
Atlanta Falcons 12
Baltimore Ravens 14
Buffalo Bills 12
Carolina Panthers 11
Chicago Bears 7
Cincinnati Bengals 12
Cleveland Browns 10
Dallas Cowboys 7
Denver Broncos 14
Detroit Lions 5
Green Bay Packers 10
Houston Texans 14
Indianapolis Colts 14
Jacksonville Jaguars 12
Kansas City Chiefs 6
LA Chargers 5
LA Rams 6
Las Vegas Raiders 10
Miami Dolphins 6
Minnesota Vikings 6
NY Giants 11
NY Jets 12
New England Patriots 14
New Orleans Saints 12
Philadelphia Eagles 5
Pittsburgh Steelers 9
San Francisco 49ers 9
Seattle Seahawks 10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11
Tennessee Titans 5
Washington Commanders 14
2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule (By Team)

Printable 2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule

Printable 2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule
2024 NFL Bye Week Schedule (By Week)

A lot of people like a printable 2024 NFL Bye week schedule. We’ve got one posted in PDF format for you to use. It prints across two pages, so make sure you set your printer up as you prefer. Some folks in my experience like to have it single sided while others prefer to save paper. We also have the MNF, TNF, and the Playoff schedules up for you to check out as you have time. 

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